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Turf Assessment and Evaluation

When your overall landscape appearance is not meeting your standards, you need to know why and how to fix the problem. TerraVerde will:

Water Management

Wasting water resources is foolish and expensive, especially in the Phoenix area. TerraVerde will:

Tree Trimming

Proper tree care is important for both safety and investment. Substantial returns in your property value can be realized with improved tree appearance. TerraVerde will:

Herbicide Management

Your property should be aesthetically pleasing and free of weeds and unwanted plant material to improve value. TerraVerde will:

Landscape Design

When acquiring a new home or investment property, you may envision what type, how much, and where you want landscaping if none exists. TerraVerde will:

Landscape Enhancement

Blending just the right plant, tree, and shrub material with inert material such as pavers, granite, or water features can significantly enhance property aesthetics and value. TerraVerde will:

Fertilization Management

For optimal growth and to ensure a healthy appearance of all your greenery, fertilization is a key element for landscape improvement. TerraVerde will:

Granite Detail

Because of our hot and dry climate, most outdoor environments in the Phoenix area involve some sort of rock or gravel to enhance landscape appearance. TerraVerde will:

Tree and Shrub Management

Your investment in trees and shrubs can be substantial and should be protected to improve property value. TerraVerde will:

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