Terra Verde Services

What Can Terra Verde Landscape Solutions Do For You?

Landscape Management

Whether acquiring a new property or remodeling existing landscape, you may need help creating that vision.

Terra Verde will:

  • Provide landscape management services specifically designed for your property and style
  • Create your vision by designing walkways, patios, turf areas, fire pits, entertainment areas, lighting, retaining walls, seat walls, monument signs, water features and ponds to augment natural products
  • Seamlessly integrate existing features with new landscape design concepts
  • Value engineer landscape design solutions for budget compliance

Water Management

Wasting water resources is foolish and expensive, especially in the Phoenix area.

Terra Verde will:

  • Determine the functional condition and adequacy of your drainage and irrigation systems
  • Provide construction, renovation, and regular repair/maintenance to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of your irrigation system

Arbor Care

Proper tree care is important for both safety and investment. Substantial returns in your property value can be realized with improved tree appearance.

Terra Verde will:

  • Plant specific tree species to fulfill customer desires, community standards, or to augment your current plant palette
  • Prune to maintain the overall health, safety, and appearance of your trees
  • Remove any trees posing a safety or fire hazard to your property
  • Provide emergency tree care in cases of storm or other damage

Landscape Enhancement

Blending just the right plant, tree, and shrub material with inert material such as pavers, granite, or water features can significantly enhance property aesthetics and value.

Terra Verde will:

  • Provide dryzone and xeriscape design, construction, and installation
  • Identify and install specific species that will be cost-effective both now, and in the long run
  • Install tree, shrub, and plant material
  • Construct walkways, patios, lighting, retaining walls, monument signs, fire pits, artificial turf, putting greens, water features and ponds
  • Provide turf treatment and soil improvement
  • Spread Winter turf seeding for greenery throughout the year

Herbicide Management

Your property should be aesthetically pleasing and free of weeds and unwanted plant material to improve value.

Terra Verde will:

  • Provide weed mitigation and control
  • Apply pre and post emergent to turf and granite areas for weed prevention
  • Determine correct product type, consistency, and application schedules for your property
  • Provide grub worm and pearl scale proactive treatments

Turf Assessment and Evaluation

When your overall landscape appearance is not meeting your standards, you need to know why and how to fix the problem.

Terra Verde will:

  • Assess your present site and soil conditions and history
  • Identify your expectations
  • Determine any pest or soil issues
  • Recommend a site-specific treatment program

Tree and Shrub Management

Your investment in trees and shrubs can be substantial and should be protected to improve property value.

Terra Verde will:

  • Establish and maintain a consistent plant palette
  • Maintain an optimal fertilization schedule
  • Provide shaping or selective hand-pruning
  • Provide annual rejuvenating cutbacks

Granite Detail

Because of our hot and dry climate, most outdoor environments in the Phoenix area involve some sort of rock or gravel to enhance landscape appearance.

Terra Verde will:

  • Install new granite schemes and designs
  • Recommend and install rip rap or other rock to repair soil damage or mitigate erosion
  • Provide a top dressing for current granite

Fertilization Management

For optimal growth and to ensure a healthy appearance of all your greenery, fertilization is a key element for landscape improvement.

Terra Verde will:

  • Take soil samples to determine the specific chemistry and fertilization requirements for your location
  • Provide organic fertilizer for soil and environmental health
  • Apply seasonally appropriate fertilizer up to six times per year